ripped off!!

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i bought a new mixer off ebay a few weeks`s a belle 110v 150xt.just found out the fukcing thing does`nt work.payed for it before it was delived (paypal),and the guy dropped it off when i was at work.
sounds sad but i was looking forward to having a new mixer!!
he sounded like a good guy on the phone as well.the cnuts not answering my calls.£515 down the dran.hopefully covered by paypal.
anyone else had a bad experiance?
yeah.... ive been ripped off,, sold a wii on ebay and the people said they wanted to pick it up,,so they did and we have no proof off address because the people who picked it up hacked in to some1's account who lived in essex... i was livid at the time, u live and learn.
I bought a new lecia lazer for £300 on monday .... next day delivery, it hadnt arrived today so i phoned them up, they said it had been delivered and send me a fax with a ticket that had been signed r brown .... it wasnt delivered here so some t**t has my laser and the shop dont want to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't bank on Paypal coming through with the goods. They're a bunch of C U Next Tuesdays.
is there any way on paypal or ebay that you can get his address or anythin search his name location etc on google see what comes up.? worth a try. then you can go round and take your 515 out of his face.
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