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Sam W

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Currently redoing our bathroom and am wondering how to get a decent finish on the wall in the picture. It's a stone built house from 1860, originally lime plastered, but knocked about a bit since then. The wall in the picture is about 60% lime plastered, but has a strip of gypsum from a rewire and a strip of white plaster (one coat?) where a stud wall has been moved. Lower third of the wall will have some wainscotting put on so will be hidden.

I'd like to reskim the upper part of the wall with lime finish coat, but unsure how will it will work, either thinking it might crack, fall off or both. Any thoughts/tips on this?




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Sam W

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Thank you, that's useful. Any particular products you would recommend? Although it's an internal wall, and less critical, I would like to maintain the breathability of the lime.