Resin screeds

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Anyone else get nasty reactions to epoxy resin? It's been about 12 months since I've done a resin screed and forgot how F'in agonising the itching and blistering is. Should stop doing them really! Well PPE'd up but somehow it still gets me.
whats involved in one of them is it just prime it and roller it on

Prime it first with a tack coat. It comes in a 25kg tub with washed sand and an epoxy mortar curing agent. Mix them up and lay it with a trowel. F***in awful to use. Have to keep wetting your trowel with white spirits to smooth the surface or it pulls up and tears.

Not doin it anymore I've looked like sloth all weekend! I've got a nasty allergy to it and my face and arms swelled up and blistered!!!
here it is resin floor.jpg
Nice! That is like glass! What company are you using for materials? I used to use belzona but they're too pricey and I was losing jobs. Used Watco for the last one and they're a fair bit cheaper.
Thats how the floors stays its finished, its an American product but not available to buy unless your accredited cant really say what it is yet sorry. This gear is quite expensive but it looks mint.
If you just get dermatitis then your fine. You just need to work a little slower. Add more solvent. Make sure to wear a chemical respirator or gas mask. Use nitrile gloves or butyl gloves only. Whatever you do don't use latex. Keep a rag in your back pocket with solvent on it so when you get Epoxy on your gloves you can wipe off your gloves, trowel handle, brush handle, roller handle. Care should be taken when you are mixing epoxy, mma, urethane mortars and get raw corrosive number 8 on your gloves. When you do get raw part A and B polymers on your gloves just pop them off and throw on new rubbers. It is the raw resin and hardner that promote dermatitis. Once mixed it is non corrosive. If you are very itchy at end of days. Take a antihistamine. If you can bring a change of clothes to work with you that is what I would do. Make sure you when you wash your self you get all the **** off your hands, knees, forearms. Use moisturizers on your body. Now if you become Allergic to epoxy like me your ******. There is no cure. There probably is one but the medical community is hiding it. You really need to stop and be preventive or you will end up like me trying to learn how to do plastering instead of troweling epoxy. I really miss hanging cove, troweling out 5000sqft and getting out of work in 2 hours and getting paid for 8.
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