Repairing crack on K-rend


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Hi all,

I have the entire exterior of my house K-Rend-ered about 7 years ago. Unfortunately there is now a deep-ish crack (about 2-3mm wide) above the front main door. The crack is not visible from a standing height (because of angle).

What is the best and cheapest method to repair this? Using the original K-Rend top coat; their colour-fill repair kit or a generic gap/sealant?


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expansion in your timber frame, fill it with topcoat it will crack again and look shite. Fill it with a flexible sealant it will look shite but less likely for the crack to reappear in the short term. How big is the panel to re do in a contrasting silicone thin coat?


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Sorry, not been getting notifications on new posts...

Any recommendations for a generic exterior flexible sealants? I believe the K-rend colour is Ivory.

The entire section is too big to redo, it would literally be half the front of the house.


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You could ask a plasterer to put a 10mm stop bead around the whole door reveal, sides and head, then another 200mm out from the reveal to for a band. Dom/t forget to fix stress patches across the crack. I think this may be less obvious repair unless you can get a perfect colour match. Even if its the same colour the suction difference will effect the drying colour.
There is a good chance its the door frame movement if its only come after 7 years. I would ask the same plasterer back.