Rendit fix for scratch render cracking and lime loom

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Ordered some of this gear for a job we had completed back in February that went horribly discoloured and had very fine hairline cracking everywhere .... We were looking at at a ball ache of a hack off and redo when I came across this stuff ..... Thought as per usual there is no chance it will actually work but at this point was willing to try anything ..... And booooom does exactly what it said it would do !!!!! Fixed my problem recoloured the Pannels no texture loss happy customer happy days !!!!

If anyone has any similar problems give this stuff a try very rare you find a fix that actually works .

Had to share


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Yes, used it myself in my Weber days. Since I stopped using Weber never had to use Rendit. Good company though especially in your moment of need.


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Does it work then? I've got rain streaks on a job and the punters moaning... Colour a good match? Don't fancy coating the entire job for one poxy wall.
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