rendering removal


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I am posting here about the rendering on my bungalow. I am planning to have the whole rendering replaced because, as you can see from the photos, it is falling apart. The job would entail removal of the existing rendering which, as you can also see from the photos, is not the same at the bottom as it is at the top of the bungalow.
My question regards the material at the bottom. This looks like a stone imitation covering concrete blocks. I have had, so far, one company come to look at the job for a quote, and they told me they didn’t know what that material was and whether it could be removed. Following that visit, I did a quick investigation where I managed to remove a small bit of that material with a hammer and a crowbar and to get to the concrete blocks underneath, but I’m not sure if I caused any damage in the process.
So, does anyone here know what the material at the bottom is and whether a rendering company should be able to remove it without issues? Is there anything I should be aware of when getting quotes?
Thanks in advance.
rendering 1.jpg
rendering 2.jpg
rendering 3.jpg
rendering 4.jpg
It's just cement that's been formed to look like stone. Hack it all off its brick underneath.