Rendering internal basement walls


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Hi all,
New to the forum, looking for advice from the pros please:)
Need to cover the walls in my basement, and am thinking of using monocouche. Some walls are dense blocks, others are concrete.
It's a basement, used for storage and a workshop so doesn't need a perfectly smooth plasterer's finish! The walls are pretty ribby looking as they are so I just want to cover them to make them look half decent. (will probably paint them too). There is no problem with damp and there is UFH down there so it's not cold either.

I'm not half bad at DIY and have done a bit of garden wall rendering before so am not a total nunce, but I am definitely not massively experienced.

I guess firstly - is render a good idea for this? I considered plaster too but wasn't sure.....
What product would you recommend - I've seen a lot of people using Weberend OCR....
To prep the walls, what would you use? PVA, Weberend Aid, Blue Grit, Rendagrip....
Mesh needed?
Any other tips, advice, things to avoid?? :)

thanks all!