Renderers required

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We have some decent work starting in west and South Yorkshire and need to expand our team. We have a couple of machines so experience would be a benefit as would a good knowledge of modern render system. Cheers guys
I might add this isn't Ewi etc,nothing against Ewi as we have done plenty. We are either the main contractor or we are direct to the main contractors and mainly new builds.
Guys if you want to have a rant can you create your own thread, this was a legitimate ask for genuine spreads. Clearly I was wrong in putting it out here thinking If any of the lads were looking for some additional work over the next few months then I could help them out!

If you don't like what Geasons are doing then boycot this app as they clearly are a sponsor of this site. Maybe instead of everyone winging about it they all take on one new apprentices and take some pride and train the next generation of spreads and pass on the right skills. 20k users of this app that's 20k new apprentices =problem solved!

Oh and before you ask I have had plenty and taken 2 more on late last year!!
My post got deleted, I should get qualified I suppose to give a fair opinion on 'apprenticeship training gin 2 weeks ". I hope people who know a little bit about rendering/plastering see my post before its deleted again in favour of mindless government card approval . My mrs is Polish and she laughs about Polish 'spreads' lol get different coloured cards and are experts . Geasons are a business designed to earn money, I don't think they really care about young plasterers . Geasons jumped on your post to promote themselves once again
The real problem is that any of the modern nvq's and qualifications only say you know the basics and a capable to a level. Sadly this is no measure of quality and expertise. These cards may only get them on site but it won't keep them in a job. therefore hardly there fault as they are supposed to be experienced workers.
Alright mate just wondering if yor still looking for men Im in a gang of 3 with my own machine I hav a lot of experience with all the mono and thin coat render
I have seen stuff about this joke and if he's trying to imply I'm the same then he couldn't be further from truth.
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