Render with silver sand

Scared to try silver sand ordinary cement and lime. Don't think it would give enough texture when rubbing up. Might see if I can get course white sand
View attachment 19608 This is the silver sand I'm using today from travis, fairly soft no little stones or owt like that, can get it at jewson aswell now. @Olican , josh was saying that chap in Dartmouth uses Cornish lime company sand? Not seen it myself but he said it was decent and can be delivered. Hard to beat silver though.

That Cornish sand is heaven to use but bloody expensive. Just shy of £500 for 5 tonne delivered
We are doomed!
Silver sand with smooth flow by everbuild delicious finish 4-1 both coats don’t care what anyone says that’s the Gary’s :numberone:
I done a wall for a test before completing the wall. Scratch coat 4.1 normal plastering sand and cement. Top coat silver sand white cement at 5.1.1. Initially it dried out brilliant white but a couple of days later after it got wet with the rain some parts turned grey. Really bad looking. If I scratched it with normal people plastering sand and white cement would this help this matter. Does anyone have any experience in this. Advice would be much appreciated


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Any silver sand I've ever seen has been really really fine, the stuff block pavers and schools use in playgrounds ???? Surely it would crack like feck ??? Maybe it's different to the stuff you get in London ? Unless you mean white sand which is coarser
think they mean white sand /but they call a handboard a hawk down south