Render Staining / Algae build up

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Not really a selling point then eh. I'm sure if this ever catches me out and I tell the customer " it's because your housing is facing the wrong way and there is a peculiar atmosphere round here" they'll say "ahh I see, that's ok then" haha
Warranties are absolute balls!
Did a job in marmorit a while back that was painted with autol and that is spotless still today. Best results with the protection right on the surface.
I am seeing loads of modern built buildings going green on the North to East side.

Hardly any heat loss so damp is lingering around for longer. Even the bucket coats with biocide will go green in bad conditions but will be easier to clean off.
I see everyone is focusing on the product yes in certain circumstances things will happen with all textured coatings but this doesn't allow for bad construction detail. Why are you getting blamed for the render so called failing when the roof or soffit detail is apperently wrong? Was this done after you rendered or was this already in place? Maybe put a pic up of the detail?
No render is going to be maintenance free forever as with any panel of any construction be it stone,brick etc, if it's on an elevation that doesn't get the sun or has a poor design feature , but simple maintenance ie washing off is straight forward enough.
trisodium (sugar soap in a plain wrapper) and power washing both scour the surface giving the next build-up of algae a better grip.
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