Render job near Gatwick 100m2

richard pitman

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a render job to a newly built extension with 100m2 area (excluding doors/Windows). (6x8x6m by 2 storey with 1 gable)

I was looking at a Krend type but may consider a tradition cement render. Also a small area of rough cast work around a new doorway on existing house.

As usual looking to get it done tomorrow but prepared to wait for the right price/quality of workmanship. Scaffold is up and ready to go.

Email at

References would be appreicated.




cheeky bump post as its been busy here recently posts are getting dropped off the bottom of the age :D

richard pitman

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Thanks for the bump Danny. Not had any interest song guess everyone's pretty busy.

Guess I keep phones going round via the yellow pages!