Remove lining paper off lath and plaster walls and ceilings and re-plaster?


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Need to see the finished product mate to see if we'd be happy with tit. You don't have pictures after it's been painted do you?


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Gents come on, I know it was a long first post but we really are not sure what to do and after some help to make a decision. Pulling down ceilings is not an option as it's it's a huge area and it's going to create so much dust and destroy the wooden flooring and it's going to be very very expensive.

The pictures I posted above. Does it look like lath plaster underneath?

Here are our current options:
1. Remove wallpaper from ceilings and walls, put mesh down where there are cracks and replaster
2. Leave ceilings and walls as they are and only do patch repair with filler
3. Overboard ceilings where possible and replaster. But we are reluctant to do this in the living room and hallway as we'll lose covings and ceiling roses. Putting them back sounds expensive as well

We had quotes for removing and wallpaper and replastering and they are between £6.5K and £7.5K which is also more than we had expected and bigger than our budget. Option 3 would probably add another £2K I'd imagine.
Strip paper then scrim over cracks a thin coat of bonding then skim easy