Remove Black Silicone Stains on Monocouche render?


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I replaced at outdoor socket at home recently and I wasn’t as careful as I should have been with the Black Silicone sealantI used to seal the gap against the wall. I’ve made a bit of a mess cleaning out the squeeze out which has since dried onto the Monocouche render. I’ve tried using a bit of diesel to clean off but suspect the pigment has gotten into the pours of the render? Any advice for removing?

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Yep, diesel has always been the first choice of cleaner for siliconing. My customers love the fresh and zingy smell it leaves.

You can buy a handy litre bottle from most outlets.

Always use clear silicon when you have 2 contrasting colours, unless you’re an ace with the silicony like Chrispy. clear/unless an ace/like chrispy/not diesel/unless you’re a farmer
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