Refina EPG400 16" Sponge Power Float by Refina

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Plaster & power float & sponge
For finishing internal & external wall topcoats
Medium sponge & diamond faced disc
Power 500w
Speed 60rpm
Weight 3.5kg
Disc 40cm
Finish rate 50m/hr
Vibration level 1.9m/s
Noise level 76dBA
Voltage 110v or 230v

I was out on a site today when I came across this piece of kit, after having a go with it the only words I could use to describe it is brilliant. It produces a high class finish to a plain face render .Has anybody else used one, or I am as usual the last to discover it.:RpS_thumbup:
Power float for plaster & render finishing


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Have seen similar on youtube being used and have saw them on other tool supplier sites you can get them with a built in water suppy and you carry a small'ish water tank on your back like a backpack but have never used one.
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