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Its good for all those that have taken the plunge with wallcrete , the words geting out there and some major interest popping up, inc a nice chap from Dubai who we met at the Timber Expo in Cov, not forgetting all the architects and builders that expresed interest in it , also a good synergy with Aquapanel and Knauf which has to be good for all concerned,
Well spotted Warrior - have you been googling yourself to find that? (vane bugger!! LOL)

Have been chasing through various leads from Timber Expo this week - obviously mainly about Knauf Aquapanel Exterior - but the references about getting different stone and brick finishes using Wallcrete (as shown at the expo) onto Knauf Aquapanel Exterior has been amazing!

Several leads been passed onto PICS this week, for them to chase through as well........... West Midlands and North West seems to have a couple of nice opportunities in particular. Hopefully the come to something, but not sure how long they will take to come to site ....

Oh - and several lengthy and detailed E Mails to Dubai, getting a local Knauf Aquapanel contact over in Dubai involved as well (shame I can't go over and deal with that myself...... lol)
Actually - when you google that press release it is in loads of different editorial releases!

Warrior is now famous!!!

Not sure if IrishSpread will like this.............
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