Rechasing Walls After Lime Plastering Applied

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My builder has walked off site and had his own plasterer doing the plasterwork in a terraced house that was built in 1939. I have a number of questions about lime plasterwork and hoping someone here could help me out with them.

1). We want to reposition some vertically aligned sockets on a bedroom wall (see photos attached) but i'm unsure what the best approach is to chase the wall without damaging/cracking the new surrounding plasterwork. Would anyone have any recommendations that i could pass onto a recently qualified electrician to limit cracking?

2). The only evidence I have of the material used on the walls is a photo of a bag of 'Rhino - Hydrated Lime' and 'British Gypsum Thistle Bond-It'. Once the hydrated lime is mixed, is this the only material applied to the wall after the Thistle Bond-It is applied? Is there something else applied before/after the hydrated lime is applied??




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Don't let a sparky chase walls even if they have 40 years experience ,,,, end of


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No they are not but he’s on about lime plaster and his evidence is a bag of hydrated lime which is not used in lime plaster it’s hydraulic lime ,then he wants to use thistle bond ,as I said he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about my point is get a qualified plasterer to come and do what needs doing ,he’s builder walked off site and took he’s plasterer with him ????