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hi. my builder rendered a wall and 6hrs later it rained quite a lot for 24hrs the render stayed on the wall but seems to have a lot of loose grains of sand all over the wall especially on the window ledges. can any one say if this is OK or has the render been compromised in any way ? thanks in advance.

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Probably fine
Compressed lime render is water proof after a couple of hours
If you glide your hand over fresh render bits of surface sand come off so if that is all that has come off it is minimal


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Tbf I clean up every day but there’s always particles that are on windows or door for a few days it’s impossible to leave and it be absolutely spotless


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thats just the sandy surface after sponging falling off mate,no biggie, so long as it isnt visibly damaged ie run marks youve been lucky,,i dont start rendering until i can see a longtime weather report,ur spread should of known better,,lucky escape mush