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think its about time for me to get a site radio fed up of singing all day :RpS_lol:

which one is best to get? i want one i can just plug in and charge without the need for a seperate charger


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What drills have you got? If you've got bosch get the bosch. If youve got dewalt get the dewalt. If you've got makita then your ****** cus their radio doesn't charge batteries. Its the best site radio though


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I prefer the makita even though it doesn't charge the battery.
I just keep one battery for it & charge it up ready for each day everyday, but it will last a day & half fully charged. :RpS_wink:
When your working inside its thin enough to sit on the windowcill if you need too (like in a bathroom)
I paid £89 for mine a few years ago it's not the DAB one though but you can plug your iPod/iphone into it & it's a great sound :RpS_thumbup:
I've never used the lead with mine cause there's always a sparky somewhere turning the power off :RpS_cursing: plus you can carry it from room to room, use when your working outside, use in bathrooms where there's no power etc...

And I used to pay £5 a fortnight for batteries for my old radio so that was £120 a year :-0
So pay the £89 and that's it, worked out cheaper for me.


Or you could spend £10-£15 on a cheap radio & the aerial will be broke within a few months(so keep an off cut of angle bead or an old coat hanger for this) & depending on where you work be prepared for the power to go on & off most days, or you could spend a fourtune in batteries. :RpS_biggrin:

You get what you pay for mate.


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I've had a Dewalt for many years now, it's been knocked off scaffolds several times, had all manner of stuff dropped/splashed on it and still it keeps going. With a 14.4v 2ah battery I get two and a half days out of each charge. I accept it doesn't sound quite as good as the Makita but it's only for background music so not really an issue and I'm not convinced that the Makita is as robust for site work particularly outside work.


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I don't know mines had some abuse :RpS_biggrin:
It's got thick rubber & chrome bars for protection.
Drops not a problem inside or out, shower proof etc.

I must admit though one thing i do like about DeWalt (aka black & decker) is their new nail gun :RpS_thumbsup:

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