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Are you really coming at 7:30 on a saturday??

No ill come at 10 and stay for dinner instead of going home to my own family


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We've just had a new kitchen installed... can you give me a price to reskim it

that actually happened to me as well except it was a new bathroom suite the customer had installed himself, ,,,,,, brand new bathroom suite/ shower cubicle/towel radiators/new tiling on walls and floor and yet behind all this bare walls, I just looked him , honestly thought it was a wind up, it was not,..... just turned round and walked out,


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Hello! i was just wondering if you could just nip round and give me a free quote?

And they live an hours drive away, some just nip!

Hello! do you do free insurance quotes? hello? hello? Anyone there? Think he's hung up on me?


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I m needing special price for value to blaster roof my friend, vill be recommend to aalll family for much more verk


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''Moving from a singer career into pornography was the best move of my life. I only wish i'd have done it earlier."

Cheryl Cole

Carlsberg dont do quotes...



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The Artexer said it will only take an hour to skim my kitchen ceiling so i think £200 is too dear.

First day on new site. "When you gonna finish that plot my brother is doing the second fix and sitting in the van waiting to start"

Bricky "Can I borrow your skimming trowel I got a bit to do at home, will pay you if I damage it"

Can you skim the Kitchen and Bathrooms first. The Kitchen's coming first drop.

What do you mean your not rendering off a tower.
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