Quick hello

Just quick hello to everyone.

I'm soon going to have a go at plastering some interior rooms in my house once renovations are finishes.

Not ideal to be learning under time constraints but there are a few reasons why I'm forced to have a go myself.

Although TBH it's something I've always had a notion for. Don't know why.

It's a pretty unique house so it's not just as straight forward as most houses. So I've been doing my homework over last 6 weeks and this forum keeps popping up. Seems to be almost all pros and active enough so I thought I'd register and see if I could pick your brains on a few things...


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Won’t take long to pick my brains bud........welcome.


The Lake Governor
Welcome, as long as you're not just another stroppy fake, in which case you can..................


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Welcome along, pics always help when seeking advice