pva over artex

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hi am going to skim a few artex ceilings in the next couple of days is it best to pva ceilings

the day before skimming or pva on the day and do l need more more than one coat?


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If it's silk vinyl paint (shiny) you may want to use a bonding agent such as blue grit, or similar, apply the day before then I always bond and skim rather than just skimming over but upto you


I've plastered over artex many times but once I had the whole lot come down this was because of the paint so scrap it back as much as poss get a good couple of coats of pva the day before then to be honest put a tight coat of bonding on it then two coat but also thistle bond it is great stuff and will allow you to plaster on anything but really dear like

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I give mine 2 coats pva if your skimming over plasterboard which has been artex then tell them when the ceiling drys they may get some cracks showing through which you will not be
able to see because off the artex.


Pva the day before then pva before you skim it. Hit it while its tacky.
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