Project Management Costs

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Hello All
Just after some advice on best way to incorporate project management costs into a quote, done afew big jobs where had to bring in several other trades, doing all the running around and organising everything etc soon mounts up, not included any of that on previous jobs but now intend to, just not sure best way, cheers

Chris W

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all ive ever done is price my day rate into the job whether im on the phone, down the merchants, reading drawings or on the en of a trowel.... its all time at the end of the day...
you can spend an awful lot of time organising people, which you want paying for...
if they dont like it, ask them to do the organising and of you find yourself and your lads in a downtime situation because of it, you want paying for that too...
if your project managing its up to you to avoid downtime, you wont get paid for it, thats like having your cake and eating it too...
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