Preparing for plastering through the winter

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Should be ******* of to Spain for the winter months but just picked up 8 houses to build, pain in the arse but needs be also my ex is playing up so ive got to sort her out moneywise
Bod, bod he does live in scotland, even in the summer he wears long johns and thermal pants.
I remember the old oil drums for water used to light fires round them to melt ice cant do it with the plastic barrels now though lol. Cant even have a good bonfire on site now
yeah, loving it. The gear aint as nice as multi mind you. You dont get a nice fat when you put water on it so cant get perfect finish which is winding me up but...

Just finishing my first plaster boarded house all glass fronted and it would look shite taped with all the light hitting it. The boarding was so rough i nearly sacked it off but needed the cash.

The old boy painter couldnt believe his eyes when he saw me skimming, funny stuff.

Going to look at a job where the ceiling want to be skimmed as their having LED light shining on them and again with tape and joint would be shite. We will see how it goes. Fingers crossed

The weather aint as good as everyone makes out, rains all the fekking time for days on end. The summer is too fekking hot. I dont think you could skim in the summer here, be drying while you spread it on.
Good for you mate deffinately got a niche Market going ......I never thought I'd hear myself say that lol
they do gloves were you can peel the thumb n 2fingers back and stick down. so your hand is warm and you have the feel of your fingers. if your fingers get cold you just put the ends back over :) they sell them at most hardwere stores. and as for winter i have a van with no heating so think yourself lucky!!! lol
Ive been on sites where the site manager wont let you lay on in freezing conditions the reason being he obviously had prior experience where plaster had failed in these conditions some times its just out of your hands but there again it could be worse you could be a scaffolder in the winter carrying freezing cold poles all day cant be good.

yep. I can name 3 major house builders who will not let you do it.
However I can name one who will go out of their way to help the spreads; that is a relationship built up over the years with regular spreads on site I suppose.

I don't do anything but private work now unless asked to help out in winter months; and even the private barns/renovations etc are subject to the customer/developer supplying heat etc.
Guess you can command preferences and terms as you get more astute with age. I don't know?

Rock on !
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