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PRB – Winter Working Solutions

ith the winter months nearly upon us, the Rendering season enters a difficult period where we are quite simply governed by the weather. If you’re a Rendering contractor, you no doubt will dread working in the winter. Aside from the shorter darker days, its often very cold and wet – which is extremely unpleasant when working outdoors, particularly if you’re working with Render.
There are a number of reasons why you should avoid working in poor conditions. Poor weather conditions can impact the project, materials and the overall finish.

Below are some common effects of Rendering in bad conditions:

Lime Bloom!
This is an occasional phenomenon particularly noticeable on coloured render and on coloured products made with cement. Often seen in the colder months due to the render being exposed to damp conditions or low temperatures during the curing process.
In appearance, it may seem as though the colour has been washed out of the render or as if it has faded – this is however, not the case. Lime Bloom does not affect integrity or strength of the render, it is purely an aesthetic issue. It is a white deposit which is apparent either as white patches or as an over-all lightening in colour.

Rain – colour and texture!
Cementitious products such as Monocouche take approximately 28 days to fully cure, whereas thin coat renders can take roughly 24-48 hours to dry. PRB Crepisix has been tested and recorded drying times in 23 Degree temperatures provide a 10 minute touch dry, 2 hour core dry, 24 hour full cure.
Applying render whilst it is raining or having rain directly fall on a newly rendered wall can affect the colour and texture of the finish. In worst cases, it can even cause a wash off. Excessive water will also affect the strength of render, especially the bond/adhesion between coats.

PRB have a winter solution for contractors:

Fondisol PE – Winter system

Fondisol paste is a revolutionary basecoat for external wall insulation systems and render carrier board, it can be used down to 2 mm in thickness and also can be used down as low as 1° when using SR additive.
Fondisol paste has great impact resistance especially as it is only applied at 2mm thick.
Fondisol Paste is an organic basecoat which is compatible with any organic (thincoat – Crepisix & Crepoxane) renders without the need of a primer, saving time and money for the contractor, with 48-72 hour drying time the time on site is dramatically reduced and as it is pre mixed in a 20kg bucket there is less waste and mess.

System Build up:
  1. Cement board or EWI system
  2. Fondisol Paste mixed with SR Additif and fully meshed
  3. PRB Crepisix with SR Additif
What makes the system better for the contractor? ICE
  • It’s a quicker process. Firstly, no primer is required as its an Organic basecoat. Both the Basecoat and Topcoat are accelerated allowing you to Topcoat 48-72 hours after the application of Basecoat.
  • Cost saving! Less material is required, less wastage as the products are pre-mixed, less time on site. Your turnaround on site is dramatically increased making this a very profitable system for the Contractor
  • Excellent performance – Fondisol PE not only provides a quicker working time, it has a higher impact strength than standard basecoats. PRB Crepisix and Crepoxane are high quality Siloxane top-coats giving you a wide colour choice with a high quality product.

Product Information:


– Ready to use. Paste base
– 1 same product for both hot and cold weather conditions with additive SR ADDITIF
– Up to 2mm thickness (it is less than with the powder version FONDISOL F)
– No primer needed before coating due to organic formulation
– Material with the highest impact resistance of the range (up to 70 joules)
Link to product:



– Additive to speed up the setting of thin coats and organic base coat (paste base)
– 1 can /tub
– Ideal for cold and damp conditions
– Allows an application down to 1°c (Mini 5°c without it)
Link to product:



– Acrylic-Siloxane thin coat
– Water vapour permeable
– Water repellent effect
– Low fouling due to repellent effect.
– Mat finish
– 1,5mm grading size
Link to product:

Organic Fireproofed Siloxane thin coat
Water vapour permeable
High water repellent effect
Low fouling
Very matt finish
Fine or Medium grain
Link to product:

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Met office ... I’ve been called worse. Just an observation of working on externals for a long time, and the winter season shouldn’t limit you.
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Nice one thanks for that , this is gonna be my 3rd full winter outdoor if I can make it all way through fingers crossed it’s a good one