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been to look at a job today and the owner has bought the house part refurbished, 3 of the garden walls have been scratched with mesh bedded in but the scratch is not very deep and the last wall has had the mesh pushed onto a thin coat of gear but is not really bedded in.... any advice would be help full, i have only used pral m a couple of times before and always put both coats on the same day......
it doesnt look like rend aid,so i think they have used mono as a bascoat, they have left 3 bags of silver pearl in the property.
thats what i was thinking mate but the beads are bedded in the scratch so by the time i have rend aided it there wont be much room left ... what's the minimum depth i need to get a healthy coat on ?
the corners don't bother me but the walls are not rendered to the copping stones the stop 2 foot short for some reason so have stop beads on the top and on the bottom..
If it's already scratched could you not just r7 it then top if you've got enough depth it's hard really when you can't see it
You could use something like Plasprime x or Rendagrip. As for corners form them if there is no room for beads.

Garden walls are nothing but trouble for rendering onto. They are built wrong and usually fail or at least go green.
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