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Chris W

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heres how to do it,
2 ways...
theres the upload file thing at the bottom of the post... easy enough and self explanatory, just click browse and open the folder WITHIN YOURE OWN COMPOOTA where the file is and double click the file then click the upload button...
sometimes it dont work though, has to be the right file type for one and under a certain size for another...
the way we always did it before was to :
go to somewhere like or the one i use is
open a free account
upload your pics to the site, its basically the same as previously mentioned, browse your poota and double click the file etc...
let em upload (it can take a few minutes)

right then, now its uploaded onto a server somewhere in cyberspace all you have to do is tell the forum where it is and the forum will go have a look, nick the photo and display it in your post..

like this


what i did was...
went to shutterfly, and clicked on one of my pics
when it diplayed it i 'right clicked' over the pic...
that brings up all your cut, paste, save picture as sort of (french word)...
at the bottom of that list is 'properties'
click properties and it tells you the web address of the picture - the 'url'...
select the entire url (make sure you get all of it, it can be quite long)
above the box you write your text in when you post is all those little icons like 'bold', 'italics' etc yes?
2nd row, 2nd one in is 'insert image'
click that and it drops two little sets of brackets on your post wherever your cursor is (img)(/img), except the brackets are square, not round..
paste your 'url' INBETWEEN these brackets like this...
and thats it...
Just one more thing.....

to save some bandwidth can you use services like photobucket to upload your photos then just use the [img} link that it gives you.... this will save the forums server space


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