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Please can you give me your thoughts on the finish of this render - I am not at all happy with this finish and can’t accept it’s supposed to look like this. K-rend has been applied by my builder and I think it looks absolutely terrible. Professional opinions would be greatly received. Thank you very much


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You can't judge work with glancing light shining down it if it looks s**t without light shining down it its s**t
Glancing light will make the best rendering in the world look completely different


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Render is not great, but the light is pure stupidity!
Thank you very much for your reply. I have seen lots of rendered properties with this sort of light on their walls - in fact the house adjacent to us has 4 of these lights dotted along their front wall and it always looks lovely. That’s what I thought ours would end up like but sadly not. On my wall the dips and bulges are still visible in daylight (not all times of the day but in certain light).