Ply Backing to metal stud

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do I fix ply to m studs first then fix the Db plasterboard after, just to the ply where ever or on stud lines ie thru both ?
or do I fix both at same time through to metal studs ? New to this metal Mayhem
Any help much appreciated


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It’s a secondary sound screen for noisy neighbours. Siting infront of extg party wall !
Spec given is 50 quilt c70 1/2 ply 1/2 sound board.
I have not heard neighbors last week when skimming the hall stair and landings but guessing they must get noisy later !!

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Sound insulation is a science and far more complicated than many of us can begin imagine. Biggest problem is when the jobs done the customer turns a radio on full blast and expects to hear nothing coming out.