Please advice on choosing a machine for plastering, painting and others.


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Hello, I am from Bulgaria and I use a translator, I apologize if there are any mistakes in the text.
The question is give advice on models of cracking machines with which I can spray both polymer ready-made putties, so I want to be able to spray dry cement and gypsum putties, which I can mix and be able to spray with this machine, as well as it is suitable for painting, so are there such universal, good, proven, quality machines. I will be glad to hear your opinion on such a machine


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I could do with a machine like that. One that looks amazing but doesn't do anything.

I'd constantly tinker with it, adding pressure guages and things for electricity to arc across and something that hummed ominously.

And a lightning rod.

I'd call it The Endeavour and keep it in a locked room in the West wing.