Plastering with a roller


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If you put pva in the mix before you roll it on there's no need to pva first...... also if you add paint to the pva/skim mix before you start rollering you can prime, skim and paint it all in one! My customers lose their s**t when I do this!
Funny you should say this rolla-skim are working on a product such as this. They hope to have SkimP on the market soon. They plan to have a version with pre added bonding agent called BND SkimP.


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Yeh n you can get behinds rads without taking the f**k**s off lovely finish no sponge needed



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This can be done mate, its a method the Koreans have mastered mix your plaster really thin so it's like paint and roll it on giving it 5 coats, hard trowel it the next day


Can you put skiming on with a roller
Have a go on a small ceiling.I used to put artex on years ago with a roller,the roller didnt turn as such,but was used to apply it and spread it out.Get a spat or speedskim straight on it.