Plastering window reveals video

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Here is a video made for new plasterers to learn how to plaster window reveals quickly & cleanly.

Video made by Beddy off this forum.

Thanks Steve. :RpS_thumbup:

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Oh jeez, hands up who could watch anymore than than 30 seconds and just skipped to the end hoping he had at least died or something remotely interesting..

I don't think I was ever that r******d :RpS_confused:
I watched all 13min 10seconds of it but thought I might have missed something so watched it again :RpS_thumbup:
Ahhhh.... you cant beat a bit of day work:RpS_thumbup:. Was it me or did that lad have a touch of the mongoloids about him:RpS_confused:. Fact ..they are all blessed with huge someone told me:RpS_unsure:.
Beggers beleif ....... If dot and dab hadn't been introduced we would have proper tradesmen in our game and would have been able to command good money. But now were stuck with lads who have done a 4 day course and call themselves PLASTERERS
The title of that clip is called ,plastering around window......well is it just me or does that window look square:RpS_confused:.
No wonder the comments on this video have been disabled. What a cuunt! It actually looked like Oasis at the start.
Loved the con-caved hawk with half load still stuck to it first course they should teach is respect your tools . oh and sort the site out before you start.
could only watch the 1st ten seconds when it mentioned hawk instead of handboard i knew this vid was for southerners.................:rolleyes)
i think he was abit over zealous putting all the pva in to mix up. he must be made of money using as much as he did................ least he saved money on the new beads he never put on..........:RpS_thumbup:
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they wernt very straight either massive hump in the right hand one, haha even my 5 year old took a quick look as said thats a macca bit of plastering daddy
That bloke working in his pants is the Gollum plasterer before he fell under the spell of the precioussssssssssssssssss Gypsum and became the twisted deformed freak we saw in that other thread.:RpS_crying:
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