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19m by 2.3 high (all together) wall I done yesterday morning.

Sparks shut the electric down and took the consumer unit off the wall when I was laying in the first coat, so when I was about to mix the second coat nothing happened (thanks for letting me know sparks) I was forced to mix second coat by hand, 3/4 of a bag with a piece of batten.

I was flapping a bit at first but once it was on the spot everything was fine!

Whereabouts are you at the moment? If you're in Austria, drive another 300 miles I meet you in Hungary, take the 2 of you out for a nice meal

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We are in the alps... just done the timmelsjoch pass... I would take you up on that offer but we have a strict route planned (so I have been told ) thanks though ;-) I think I will be back here it's soo damn nice

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I am back from holiday but not going up to the office till tuesday as I need some time away so this comp will be ending on tuesday evening at 12 midnight (ie wednesday)

Keep the photos coming :D


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There are no mugs I fear just another false promise,although there probably are mugs available at £5.99 from the buy section on this forum;)
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