plastering job, wc1...start asap

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Hi there,

My boyfriend and I are after someone who can help us out. We had someone plaster the lounge but it went slightly wrong, so we're after a plasterer who can reskim 2 of the walls (c.12x13ft each, one is a chimney breast with fireplace). It's probably only a day's job, but if you have a free day and would like some easy work, then we would love to hear from you.

Ideally, we would like the job done asap, and would like to meet you first for a quotation and to obtain references (after the previous disaster, we're being careful this time!).

Many thanks

Nicki Silverman.
Hi Nicki

I did reply to this yesturday but it seems to have been deleted for whatever reason?

Anyway I am working in New Oxford Street tomorrow (Monday) and would be happy to come and have a look at the job if you are around early afternooon please get back to me thanks.

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