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Apologies in advance as i'm a newbie to the world of plastering.
I am doing some DIY at home and I have removed all the wallpaper from the lounge walls. Doing this has meant a lot of plaster has come off the walls and it looks a bit of a mess. I was going to sandpaper it down, apply some plaster in the affected areas and then PVA overall of it. Can anyone advise if this is a good idea or a better way of fixing the problem?

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Personally if trying to save and do it yourself pva the bits that need patching first and rather then patch with plaster do it with lightweight filler. Whatever you go for will need sanding if your new to it and nicer to sand lightweight filler then plaster. With time and effort should be able to get it something like but worth getting a plasterer to quote as it will be a nicer job.


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Personally I think you should just get a plasterer to re skim the walls you need doing or the whole lounge, the job will be done right then, no need to worry for years!,look good and save you filling and sanding which will always be noticeable.


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Wouldn't bother myself if I was you just get a plasterer to do it right first time it's false economy trying to do it yourself in the end you won't be happy and will still end up getting a plasterer in to do it after you've wasted your time and abit of money


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employ a plasterer to reskim the walls.
if you hold the wallpaper stripper in one place to long it will cause the skim to break key.
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