Plastering a fire place

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The guy has took the old fire out so i need to float the facing wall and skim. The problem is where he has took the old fire place out, his misses wants it all nice and smooth as they are not putting a fire back in. She is using it to put some ornament in. the dimensions is under a metre square and it goes in about 400mm. Its looks like old rough render in there so I will probably have to float it, id rather not float inside where the fire wall and he doesnt want the two sides of the facing wall done.

Could I not dab plasterboards in the little area where the fire was and then paint them...maybe i'll have to put some joint filler on the angles. Then maybe I could float the facing wall puting some float stop beads on the both angles of the main wall so then the both sides would be untouched. Would I need to float the facing wall first then dab the inside area then just skim beads and skim...

Any help on this one please....


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Lol the comedy of this question followed by your signature 'city and quilds and nvq 2 qualified' has no boundaries. Just float it all.
yep,agree,maybe concrete block fireplace bond, skimmbead angles, skrimm behind,use b/adhesive after screwing to wood bead.That's how i'd do it, no comeback's.If they don't like that tell em to shuve it.
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