Plasterer's Needed For Leicestershire Area

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hello people, iv been looking at this fourm for some time, seems like the best place on the web to find a good quality plasterer!
OK so the story is I'm a local builder (STAR BUILD) and iv usually use one gang of lads to do all my plastering works over the years, but over the last few months they lads i had seem 2 be to busy on other jobs when i need them, and also when they do turn up there work has not been as good as before!

So anyone here from the Leicestershire area or no of any good spreads, i mostly do big new builds/extention's

Thanks! :)
Welcome Mike i hope you find what you are looking for ......... good opportunity here guys ,these sort of builders fill in your diary ;)
hi mike, i'm from but i travel anywhere where theres decent work to be found, new builds and big extensions are right up my street mate, sometimes i work alone and other times another lad comes along with me depending on whats to be done. my work is first class and can be recommended by other builders that have used me. give us a bell if your in need of someone.... 07974943619
Hi all thanks for all the pm iv had, iv now got more than enuf numbers to call in the new year

Thanks again

grate forum
Hi mike
I live fairly local to leicestershire,if your still lookin for spreads i would be able to help
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