Plasterers grit .... Can you dilute ?

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Sorry for jackkn the thread lol arti that mega mixer on gumtree 180 now cos he has been messed around by time wasters so bak on again , seems genuine enough if ya did fancy a bargin

al have a gander.......................:RpS_wink:................and its my thread now......................:RpS_mad:
EXACTLY any plasterer worth his salt would no this

Why does it say apply plaster when tacky on the tin then ?? they must have done some research ??.. I do a unibond and skim last Thursday.. and was tempted to pva the walls , let em dry while I did another section.. but couldnt bring myself to do old habits...
Ive no doubt it works when dry mate.. what I think the reaSONONING BEHIND UNIBOND SAYING APPLY PLASTER WHEN TACKY IS THIS... fukin caps anyway.. if applied to a really absorbant background.. the pva will dry in too much.. not allowing emulcification.. so saying tacky makes sure the inexperienced dont fuk up.. thats my thinking anyway, if tacky your defo fine... I must admit over the years Ive skimmed onto dried pva and its been fine...
only 2 coats on high suction mate, if you did that one vinyl silk, youd be hours before it dried... and depends how you mix it up.. vinyl silk I one coat it about 30 mins before Im ready to skim... high suction I;ll do two coats...
Thats why you give it two coats. One to seal the substrate and the second for a chemical bond

All depends on the substrate tho, as stated if the water in the mix emulcifies the pva.. then depending on the substrate the two coats of pva would in theory become one.. fuk, this is getting i think we know whats what mate.. good descussion tho mate
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