plasterers and dabbers needed

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I know plasterers where renderers, dashers, skimmers, screeders and dry wallers, which the dri wall was first seen back in first seen in 74 but I'm old now.
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Says call him. I always think people that text me looking for work can't be arsed to ring they most likely won't be arsed to show.
Sometimes they text knowing that endless phone calls get them know where and the person he's replying to at least gets to read it and decide to ring them back or not

By all means send a text to follow up a missed call and look keen though.


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Where have you been for the past 20 years!!!
Good Lord I didn't realise it was that bad...
Last thing I want to do is make someone's sh1t boarding look good!
How demeaning... not being trusted to do our own boarding !


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