Plasterer wanted Farnworth/Bolton

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I'm looking for a plasterer initially to sort out my main bedroom, with a view that if the work is of a good enough standard to then do the rest of the house.

The main bedroom is 15ft x 18ft and has a large chimney breast on one wall.

The ceiling is of the old plaster lath type and requires battening, overboarding and skimming, and then all 4 walls require boarding and skimming.

I want someone who is reliable and can just crack on asap and get it done.


my mate charlie lives in farnworth he would be interested. he is also a very good plasterer just for the record
Blasting through that extension and the builders made up so I know he'll use me again. Got a few jobs after that so alls good so far! Feels good mate to know Ive got work tomorrow etc at last. What about you mate, keepin busy?
I am mate thanks for asking. Really busy at the minute have not had a day off now for 3 weeks. Got about two months work in front of me and still got a few jobs to price up. Thats why most of my posts on here have been short as I have been doing most of them from my mobile and its a right pain typing it all out
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