Plasterer or Roofer?


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Hello all.

I've been doing some renovation work which required removing a couple of upstairs ceilings including in a bathroom. I've found some things under the plaster that I think I may need to get a professional plasterer or roofer in for but I'm not sure which, hopefully someone here can advise.

When I was removing the tiles and old power shower a large amount of plaster fell away from the blockwork, I decided I would remove the rest of the plaster and put up a vapour barrier in the ceiling and elements boards directly onto the blockwork so I'd get a bit more room in the bathroom and save on re-plastering that wall before adding tiles. As I've removed the plaster I've found a large metal tie embedded in the plaster as well as an area that appears to be concrete, just below where the eaves sit on top of the outer wall. I don't want to accidentally do anything that might compromise the roof or lead to condensation issues so I'm thinking I need to get either a plasterer or roofer in to check/finish the work. Is it standard practice to use concrete ontop of blockwork like this? Would you consider this a plastering job or roofers job?

In the pictures it looks like the top section is plaster I think it's only a skim as the bit under it is rock solid.




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put the bit of metal back, it's called a roof tie and stops the roof lifting/flying off. Required under building regs and put in by the builder not the spread or the roofer.

If you don't know what you are doing, and you clearly don't, then you shouldn't be doing it.
You are not doing renovation work, you are ruining your house.
You do not tile onto a vapour barrier and you are not going to save all of an inch by not having plaster. Neither are you "saving on plastering".

Pay for the proper pro's, better job, done right and a lot quicker than the remedials neccesary if you carry on. If you cannot afford it leave it until you can, or borrow money.