plasterboard around a woodburner?

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Hello. I am currently drylining (dot and dab) a new build and was wondering what I should line the fire place with (which will house a wood burning stove)
It seems that some people recommend plastering,others heat proof plaster, other people have recommended monolux boards or fireboards....?!
I understand that plastering with heat proof plaster would do the job but I want to avoid plastering if I can as its all being drylined. So, if I use a fireproof board of some sort then can I dot and dab it?
A confusing one for me (but then I am a girl and this is my first project so I can be excused!)
Thank you to all in anticipation!


welcome charlotte :RpS_thumbup:, have a look at some old posts as i think this was covered a couple of months ago, i would go for the heat proof plaster, but thats just me :RpS_blink:


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In fact if it was me i would just use standard board with a wood burner, the fire itself should come with some instruction on how far it should be from combustial materials the last one i done from memory was 300mm but check with the makers.


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I'd use Fermacell or Supalux and put a few mechanical fixings in as well in case the dab adhesive pops off with the heat.

10mm Supalux is about £90 a sheet though as opposed to £15 for Fermacell.

big ali

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No one mentioned anything about these magic boards when I asked a similar question a while ago. Is it a trade secret. But I've done 2 fireplaces for logburners this yr in weak sand and cement using Sharp sand and lime and not had any problems. Just don't listen to hollybank telling you to rub cow muck on the wall first to neutrlalize the sulphur in the soot


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Charlotte that was my mothers name! The fireline board taped should do careful as with the heat etc I was advised not to wallaper the fire breast wall .make sure the insert is tiled goodluck .


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All the log burners ive done have been rendered out with a high lime content mix as recommended but there again its all just made up as we go along.


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hi do alot of woodburners and i use mf framework and 10mm glassrock boardto clad it all with tek screws

anything plasterboard would not withstand the heat

hope this helps


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We have just had some plasterboard fitted near our wood burner and are unsure of the safety or the required distance it needs to be away from the flue pipe.

The edge at the top of the Alcove was uneven and to overcome this the plasterer fitted some metal beading on to some plasterboard which was dabbed to the inside top part of the alcove, underneath a fire plate.

Is this safe?
is it likely to combust?
Is there anything that can be done to resolve the problem if there is one such as trimming the plasterboard back? I can possibly cut a strip off with a stanley knife that will give us a distance of 18cm or 7" (approx) away from the flue

Any advice and possible solutions appreciated!
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