Plaster peeling when troweling up


It's an issue with the gear. I've had it 4 to 5 times now, on board and re-skim.

Mentioned it on here a few times, see the picture. Look familiar?

Let me see......Yep, f**k*d up :sisi:



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Me and my mate did 3.5 bags all the areas where fine except 1 patch about 4 inch round on a flat wall stuff seemed more grainy though than normal seemed to take a while to go off so don't think it's the base coat drying to quick


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Could be....

Open draft on plaster
First coat going off too much

This happened to me yesterday. Skim on board. I blamed it on the open window where there was a strong draft. I find that there will be one way to take your trowel that it doesn’t happen

Draught, It's f*&^%$g Draught, you illiterate F&^%$£g f&^%$r.