Plaster moulding rebuild


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Trying to figure out the best way to rebuild plaster crown moulding after recent beam installation. Any help would be appreciated thanks


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Shame really , no need to have that issue to /install beam .
You will need a template & a local company to make a piece up to match ......


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cut existing cornice square, offer up a piece of card and draw round cornice
from drawn template construct a direct mould, run down on the bench with a backboard at 90 degrees to imitate the ceiling and wall angle. you can core out with damp sand to reduce weight.
(this is a easier than running insitu if you have no experience.


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1) Squirt PU foam in the gap.

2) Crudely carve with a kitchen knife.

3) Paint.

4) Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

5) The next day, do as yer missus told you right from the outset, and pay a plasterer to do the job properly (y)


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Square the cornice off using a multi tool, measure distances from wall and ceiling. Go to cornice site on interweb and you should be able to buy a 2.4 m length that matches what you have. Or give me a call im in your area and ill fill it with easi 20 filler (y)