Plaster identification and screw recommendation

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Hi, I need to fasten standard 15mm water pipes to a division wall in my house (built in UK in the 1970's). Some clips are already in place, but I need to add more (I am talking about clips like this:

I am only familiar with brick, cement-plastered walls, so please bear with my newbieness:

1) What kind of wall and plastering do I have? See the pics of a hole in a wall on the same floor:

2) What kind of screws (material, size, shape, gauge) do you recommend?

3) Should I use plugs (anchors)? I unmounted one of the existing clips and the screw seems to have none.

Any further advice on what I should/shouldn't do, or anything else, is welcome.



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Those pictures look like something off most haunted! Looks to have some lime in them.

Those clips with nails just get hammered into the mortar

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If you still have the clips just drill holes, masonry bit, rawl plugs for brick and screws of the correct sise (depending on the sise of the brackets and plugs combined) I'm sure you'll work it out. Good luck.


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Dunno about everyone else, but you can always see where I've been cos it's full of plasterboard screws. I use use them for everything.