plaster cracking behind log burning stove

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Hi there.
I have a free standing log burning stove in my conservatory I have noticed that hairline crack has appeared behind the stove in the plasterwork.
The builder who plastered the wall behind the stove assures me that "heat resistant plaster" was used but I have my doubts about this.
Is there any way I can check that heat resistant plaster was used.
Also what would you recommend to repair the hairline crack in the plasterwork?



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what colour was the heat resistant plaster littlesaxos? i used wickes stuff last week and it claims like there "one coat" plaster to be the dogs b*ll***s when indeed it is just like cement render and s**t to get close to a multi finish finish


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Where could I get some of this victas? Is it a skim?

Mention your trade and open a cash account think it was about half price when I used to use it.

Nasty stuff mind not the best to use/flatten.
I used to get the work from a fire place company. I'd have to use cement board and put it on that but it's nothing like multi! More like laying dry wall!!
And it needs to be stiff.
They have a how to guide on the site or from the sales office just ask.
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