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We have a job to do and are deciding to do s+c or a premixed render, we normally do scratched /thin coat systems and s+c but want to give this a go

Is it OCR or Kmix that we would use, also does this system go on the same as s+c (scratch and top) or just 1 coat then rub up?



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If u are using a machine stay away from k rend kmix. I pallet will spray ok and the next 1 won't spray at all. I had 3 blockage the other day. Tried three different r@s still no go. Got talking to pft I was the 3rd person to complain to them in two weeks. Even when I cleaned the hose out at one stage. The water was coming out the end of the hose no problem. So turnd off the water put cleaning balls in turned on the tap. And it f**k**g blocked. I've never seen that happened before. Had to get the purge hose out for a 4th time to on block it. Just would not spray it that day. I didn't buy it an other plasterer did. @krend is supposed to be phoning him back tomorrow. I told him to send it back.
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I've only ever used CPI euromix and it went a dream through a ritmo. I've heard of people doing 2 passes same day but I scratch coat then top next day

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I do the 2 passes same day. Get in and out. Can't see the point of buying ocr if not finishing it the same day. Tbh

S a plastering

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Craig ccf in Trafford park do weber OCR I personally like it 2 passes mate this weather you will be rubbing it up in no time


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