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In a bid to get the video function working so you can upload videos I have broken something which is now stopping photo uploads... I am working on a fix...

In the meantime you can still upload photos and videos using the tapatalk app

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My Nokia is ok

Here is a few selfies I uploaded
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this is proving to be a bit of a bitch to fix... still working on it though...

Please download the tapatalk app and use that to get any photos or videos uploaded


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Once you upload the video there is an information tab click that then get the bb code and and past it in the thread you want to post in....



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Can't upload photos today, is it just me or anyone else get the red box error occurred thing come up ?


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Whinging cunnt:crying:....
You must be due a holiday soon???
Good deals in Damascus I believe?!and two for one in the gaza strip..Late deals aplenty... :sisi:


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Ain't my fault this place must just be set up for crappy Apple software.. Maybe it's servers cant take the Nokia 1020 40 mega pixel power.. Who knows