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Anyone noticed PFT advertising banner here at the forum. PFT have taken customer feedback and now offer us a new package

We have a new version of the ever popular Ritmo.

The Ritmo EWI 110v. Tried,tested and approved by the PFT dealers in the UK who are all time served very experienced plasterers

We are now selling a one stop Ritmo for all EWI all ready to go straight out of the box. You will get.

Ritmo M 110v with built in Water pump
15 mts air & material hose
2 110v Power cables
Top of the range 360 litre air compressor 110v for spraying base coats, bucket coats & dash receivers and monocouche.
Texturing spray gun & standard spray gun
& everything you need to get going straight away.
Anyone wanting a machine for weber M1 this will do it, Parex EHi this will do it, Thin coat systems this will do it.

All at a very attractive price.
Get in touch with your local dealer for a price. You will be pleasantly surprised.

This is the one for your GREEN Deal work
We spent time testing this machine last week and we put it through its paces and it didn't miss a beat

You get everything you need in the package and nothing you dont

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