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Anyone else struggling to get payment from customers at the mo?...they are all making me wait, last one 5 weeks gave me every excuse under the sun, had to chase daily...then said he had to borrow the money from his mum!? c**t

Changed my payment terms from 7 days to on completion and still having to wait...


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private work usually pays out straight away. small builders the odd one is skint most are ok. large companies are slow so you need to up your quotes for them.


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We do some work for council and big companies that are 90 days. Think yourself lucky!
I was on a contract with the council and the first Paynent was 60 days!!! Then every 30 from there on but man did them first 60 days kill me. This was about 3 years ago now though.


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It happens sometimes to most of us, this is what can make you or break you
Deffo agree with that. It broke me in the end as the bloke I was working for f**k*d off with everyone's money and done me for 4 grand alone! Ended up getting it back over a year but pissed me off never the less.


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Most councils now are very good to work for, most have a self inflicted charter where they state to pay sub contractors on 21 days etc.we work for a local council and it's in my account 10 working days from invoice. There's no reason for people to piss you about on payments on domestic with bacs these days, not so long since I was getting cheques and fannying about, Mind I got a cheque recently from a church we re-rendered, I didn't know whether to cash it or frame it, I might never get one again.i find the domestic jobs we do, most are very good and pay promptly you get the odd one that's a pain but there few and far between.