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Hi there, would be grateful for some advice on this. I need to patch from bare brick as you can see in photo and want to know what the best undercoat is. It’s an old cottage and it’s solid wall so chance of damp even just small amount. The bonding that came off practically fell of so clearly wasn’t adhering to the wall. Is SBR then sand and cement a good option for this case? Can give more details. Thanks a lot



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I would take the rest off , then sand and cement with a damp proof and salt inhiberter addertive. Then skim. Would make a better job.


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A bit more then a patch! remove all of the plaster.
I can see that there is an attempt to fit a cream DPC. Carry out a crack repair to the brickwork.
Employ a plasterer to apply a Limelite renovation plaster base coat and finish with a Limelite high impact finish.


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Better check with a moisture meter if the cream DPC is working and sort that aswell. Think I'd fit a tall skirting board and not take the plaster down to the DPC.
Heritage House diss Limelite as having cement in it, and say use old fashioned lime plaster. I don't have knowledge of Limelite but using traditional lime plaster is ok, it just takes a bit longer.